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People in uniform perform and prepare for freefall jumps. SERE ensures full-spectrum readiness through joint training
Specialists from the 19th Operations Support Squadron survival, evasion, resistance and escape flight, performed freefall jumps from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter June 28, 2018, at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. The Arkansas Army National Guard aircrew and the SERE specialists train together to keep skills sharp while maintaining the required training
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A female in uniform stands outside in front of a blue emblem with the words 19 OSS. Combat Airlifter of the Week: Staff Sgt. Tanera Frank
Name and Rank: Staff Sgt. Tanera Frank          Unit:  19th Operation Support Squadron Duty title:  Host aviation resource management office assistant NCO in charge Hometown: Chicago, IL Time in service: Six years in August Time at Little Rock: Five years Goals: To become a career field instructor, finish BA degree Hobbies: Yoga and working out
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People in uniforms participate in an exercise wearing various equipment and gas masks. ROCK I 18-06 exercise: LRAFB adapts to deployed conditions
Service members from Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, maintain deployment readiness by learning and adapting to mission-oriented protective posture conditions on a constant basic. Their knowledge was tested during the deployment-related exercise ROCK I 18-06 June 18-22, 2018.The purpose of the exercise ensured Airmen knew proper procedures and
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Mend walk into a building. Aircrew innovation for emerging Air Force
“The day you stop learning is the day you stop living,” Albert Einstein said.
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Dog bites man in bite suit. Police Week: Honoring the sacrifice
The 19th Security Forces Squadron honored Police Week May 14-18, 2018, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., with a series of events including a 5K, golf tournament, shooting contest, hard dog/fast dog competition, and Defender challenge.
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Triangle pieces with different sections involved in Enterprise Risk Management. New program refocuses safety protocol
Little Rock Air Force Base is moving to a risk-based assessment and analysis approach to safety and protection issues known as Enterprise Protection Risk Management.
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A in uniform male stands in front of a wall with picture of buzzard. Combat Airlifter of the Week: Tech. Sgt. Justin Lovejoy
Name and Rank: Tech. Sgt. Justin Lovejoy Unit: 19th Maintenance Group Duty title: Quality assurance inspector Hometown: Apopka, Florida Time in service: 13 Years Time at Little Rock: Six and a half years Goals: Retire at 20 years and open up his own business with his wife Hobbies: Softball, guns and cars Air Force Core Value portrayed: Excellence
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A photo depicting a trip to Petit Jean State Park in appreciation of Native American Heritage Month. Equal Opportunity office looks out for Airmen
The 19th Airlift Wing Equal Opportunity office helps provide an environment free from personal, social or institutional barriers that could prevent Air Force members from rising to their highest potential. The office works toward the elimination of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment against military and civilian employees, family members
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Woman looks in mouth of man lying down. DART: New program fast-tracks first-term Airmen to success
Airmen arriving at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., as their first duty station now participate in, Deployment Airmen Readiness Training (DART), immediately after completing the First-Term Airmen Course.
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A male stands on a yellow forklift in a warehouse high in the air. Can’t fly without supply: materiel management circulates supplies
Little Rock Air Force Base has multiple aircraft deployed across the globe in support of Combat Airlift at any given time, and the people of the 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron Materiel Management flight work behind the scenes to ensure C-130s deploy with parts needed to sustain mission requirements.The 19th LRS Materiel Management flight, often
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