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A C-130J Aircraft is taxing from left to right with the flight line behind it. Tech school instructor crews compete in annual Turkey Shoot
The annual local combat airlift competition, known as the Turkey Shoot, pitted rivals against one another in timed events including heavy equipment airdrops, points of interest, visual points assault landing and backing accuracy June 8, 2018, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. "The 314th Airlift Wing’s Turkey Shoot competition provided an
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A male assists a male adjust a grey helmet. Airmen learn deployment procedures during exercise
Little Rock Airmen fine-tuned their skills during a deployment exercise Feb. 21, 2018, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. One of the simulations was focused on leaving for and arriving to a deployed location, and walking Airmen through out-processing from their home station. Airmen left on simulated flights and returned to a simulated
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Default Air Force Logo Redistributing C-130J fleet across AMC
AirMobility Command is extending the life of the C-130J as they change how theymanage the fleet, ensuring more flexibility to respond to operational needs. The AirForce's current fleet management approach assigns platforms to particular wingsand keep them with those units through the life of the platform. This approachgives wings ownership of
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Senior Airman Julian Santiago, 19th Maintenance Squadron dedicated crew chief, receives the key to Little Rock's newest C-130J from Yakota AB, Japan Crew chief key to combat airlift
Did you know that every C-130J on Little Rock Air Force basehas a special key?  This key doesn’tstart the plane, it doesn’t open the plane, in fact it has no practical purposewith the plane at all. Yet a select few crew chiefs have the honor of receivingthis key where exceptional work is the standard.Little Rock AFB received a C-130J from Yakota
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Senior Airman Dillon Reynolds, 41st Airlift Squadron C-130J instructor loadmaster, is nominated for the Combat Airlifter of the Week July 7, 2017, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. Reynolds was selected for his efforts during a humanitarian relief mission in Peru. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Grace Nichols) Combat Airlifter of the Week: Senior Airman Dillon Reynolds
Name and Rank: Senior Airman Dillon Reynolds Unit: 41st Airlift Squadron Duty title: C-130J instructor loadmaster Hometown: Spokane, Washington Time in service: four years and three months Time at Little Rock: three years and nine months Goals: finish Bachelor’s degree and own a home Hobbies: playing basketball, spending time with loved ones and
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U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. William Eales, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, inspects a C-130J engine as Tech. Sgt. Sam Bishop, 19th AMXS, checks the technical orders after error codes showed a malfunction April 22, 2017 in Alberta, Canada. The 41st Airlift Squadron participated in Canadian exercise Fanatic Pegasus with Royal Canadian air forces and this is the first time American forces have participated in this exercise which establishes air and ground forces in unfamiliar terrain to work on communication and rapid deployment of those resources.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jeremy McGuffin) USAF, Canadian forces partner for unique training
The 41st Airlift Squadron loaded up with crews from the 61stAirlift Squadron, the 34th Combat Training Squadron, maintainers and equipment intotwo C-130J’s for a week of training in Edmonton, Canada.The Royal Canadian Air Force, along with the 3rd PrincessPatricia's Canadian Light Infantry, teamed up with the 19th Airlift Wing toparticipate in
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Staff Sgt. Christopher Lahey, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Aircraft Structural Maintenance craftsman, and his team repaired a leading edge for a C-130J back wing May 9, 2017, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. The structural Airmen performed a high-level repair which made an aircraft serviceable 270 days ahead of schedule. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kevin Sommer Giron) Mobility Airmen provide structure to C-130 fleet
As the workhorse of the U.S. Air Force, the C-130 dominatesthe open skies of Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. However, the fleet sharesairspace with old feathery allies.As spring begins, birds begin to migrate across the country.During the season, the airways are bustling with activity, and the reality of collisionsbetween birds and aircraft
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U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Nicholas Armitage, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, checks the top of the C-130J aircraft during pre-flight inspections March 15, 2017 at Little Rock Air Force Base. This C-130J was the first one delivered to AMC here at Little Rock a decade ago and is still providing combat airlift for Little Rock, AMC and the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jeremy McGuffin) 10 years later: Legacy C-130 replacement is Little Rock workhorse
A decade ago, the 463rd Airlift Group received its firstcombat-ready C-130J Super Hercules linking Air Mobility Command to a proud51-year legacy of flying the Air Force’s cargo workhorse.Sweeping changes have come to the base since then as the 19thAirlift Wing absorbed the 463rd AG and assumed command in 2008 from the 314thAirlift Wing, changing
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U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. James Hecker, 19th Air Force commander, presents a ceremonial C-130J key to U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Joshua Shields, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron C-130J crew chief, Feb. 27, 2017, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. Hecker delivered the 14th and final C-130J to the 314th Airlift Wing fleet, completing the transition from the H- to J-model. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kevin Sommer Giron) Q&A: 19th Air Force commander delivers final C-130J
The largest C-130 base in the world recently marked the end of a transition that first began 13 years ago. The 314th Airlift Wing at Little Rock Air Force Base received its final, new C-130J aircraft from a Lockheed Martin facility, Feb. 27, 2017. The 19th Air Force commander delivered the C-130J; and spoke about the future of the 314th AW and its
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Royal Canadian Air Force Cpl. Julien Simard, 436 Transport Squadron loadmaster, enters a C-130J during a pre-flight check Feb. 10, 2017, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. Two aircraft and approximately 70 personnel from the RCAF came to Little Rock AFB to participate in Green Flag Little Rock 17-04. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Mercedes Taylor) US-led exercise offers unique Royal Canadian Air Force unique training opportunities
The 34th Combat Training Squadron worked closely with the Royal Canadian Air Force during Green Flag Little Rock 17-04 Feb. 9 -19, 2017, while staged at Little Rock Air Force Base and Alexandria, Louisiana. GFLR, one of Air Mobility Command’s largest rotational exercises, is an opportunity for U.S. forces to collaborate with coalition forces. In
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