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Senior Airman Kevin Heater, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Hydraulics Centralized Repair Facility journeyman, applies a safety cable to a brake shuttle valve May 2, 2017, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. The safety cable prevents the brake from loosening during aircraft operations and prevents hydraulic leaks. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kevin Sommer Giron) Mobility Airmen apply pressure to AMC C-130J fleet
Classic Rock plays in the background as three Airmen piecetogether one of the most important safety features of a C-130J. Though thepressure is on, and one error could cause fatal consequences, they are cool,calm and focused on the task at hand.Their task is simple: rebuild C-130J carbon brakes used inaircraft across Air Mobility Command. In
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