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41st Airlift Squadron

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Airman looks over top of plane through plastic bubble. Cascadia contingencies incorporate joint training
Cascadia. It’s a subduction zone along the western coast of the United States set to cause an earthquake every few hundred years capable of devastating much of the western seaboard in a matter of minutes.
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During a four-month deployment to the Middle East, Capt. Nick Rapp, 19th Airlift Wing chief of safety, and Staff Sgt. J.R. Childres, 41st Airlift Squadron instructor loadmaster, worked together to fly more than 240 sorties in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel. The duo fostered a close friendship through their shared priorities and trust for one another. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kevin Sommer Giron) Heart of Combat Airlift: pilots, loadmasters
“We lost an engine right after taking off from Kandahar,” saidCapt. Nick Rapp, 19th Airlift Wing chief of safety. “It was our fourth mission together,early in our deployment, and the first time where we really had our feet to thefire.” As adrenaline filled the veins of the aircrew, Staff Sgt. J.R.Childres instinctually conducted the emergency
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