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Combat Airlifter of the Week: Tech. Sgt. Lee Deaver


Rank and name: Tech. Sgt. Lee Deaver

Unit: 714th Training Squadron

Position: International Military Student Office NCO in charge

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Time on Station: Two years and three months

Time in Service: 19 years and one month

Hobbies: Working out

Goals: Finish Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine

Core Value: Excellence in All We Do

Deaver epitomizes Excellence in All We Do as the NCO in charge of the International Military Student Office, which serves as DOD’s largest international military flight training program, he has led and mentored 68 foreign students, both officer and enlisted, and provided 12 partner nations with combat ready aviators. Deaver is also serving outside his rank and role by monitoring the health, morale and wellness issues for 44 permanent party members and 266 currently assigned students. Deaver serves as one of the Squadrons Resource Advisors to help the commander execute a $500,000 annual budget. Finally as a formal training unit instructor, Deaver’s knowledge has led to the instruction and graduation of 12 Loadmasters so far in 2017.