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Safe school year start


Many families experience a frantic scramble while preparing for the start of the school year. However, it’s important to remember that accidents around the home can occur at any moment.

Planning ahead before an accident or emergency can occur is a crucial part of staying safe. Simple measures such as having a plan for emergency situations, the proper equipment for emergencies and wearing safety gear help to prevent emergencies.

“Safety around the pool and heat exhaustion are some of the biggest dangers that affect our personnel,” said Staff Sgt. Sean Williams, 19th Airlift Wing occupational safety specialist. “People should remember to take breaks and drink water to help stay safe.”

Staying aware of how physical activity and the environment can affect the body is vital to help prevent a simple mistake from becoming a career long problem.

“Running out in the yard and tripping from stepping in a hole, or falling off a ladder are some of the more common things that we see,” said Rick Myers, 19th AW occupational safety manager.

Staying ahead of preventable injuries is an easy way to support the mission at Little Rock Air Force Base.

The overall mission of Airmen and civilians at the safety office is to ensure the continued well-being of Team Little Rock members.

Another home safety tip is remembering to wear proper safety gear during high-risk activities or when injury is a distinct possibility.

“When doing things like mowing or weed eating, people need to remember to wear appropriate shoes and have safety glasses on as well,” Myers said.

Having proper equipment in place – such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, a first-aid kit and child proofing dangerous areas of the home – are critical in either stopping a bad situation from becoming worse or preventing emergencies before they happen.

The emphasis on being ahead of problems before they start can help support and sustain mission capability as well as assist Airmen in helping themselves and their families.

“Our biggest goal is for everyone to maintain their well-being so they can arrive at work safe and sound,” Williams said.