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Our Mission
"Provide world class Airman and Family Readiness Center programs and services for members and families in an effort to build stronger communities, promote self-sufficiency, and foster resiliency; while enhancing mission readiness, retention and adaptation to the Air Force way of life."

About Us

The Airman and Family Readiness Center is your one-stop for information and referral and is the cornerstone of the Little Rock family support system. Staffed with a team of professionals with one goal -- to ensure your success!  We offer over 300 workshops a year, 1,500 one-on-one appointment slots and annually sponsor seven base wide events.

We serve Active-Duty military members from all services, Guard and Reserve members, retired military members and Department of Defense civilians. We also serve their family members. All services are free. For more information please call (501) 987-2667.
A&FRC Programs and Services

Services and Programs

Life Coaching
A Life Coach helps you to define and achieve your goals and tap into your full potential.

Some of the benefits of Life Coaching are:
Living a more abundant, fulfilled and successful life. Gaining clarity about what you want in life, learning to live leaning forward and creating choices. A Life Coach is someone that you can have hold you accountable for the new decisions you're making and help close the gap between where you are now and where you want tote by developing an empowered self-image. Using the time and space to focus on you and turning your life around.

Unit Embedded A&FRC Teams
The goals of the Embedded A&FRC Teams are to leverage the technical expertise of the 12 A&FRC core programs, services and resources and as Certified Professional Life Coaches incorporate Life Coaching into every interaction to create a safe and open environment. Teams are in a unique position to destigmatize helping agencies, encourage help-seeking behaviors, and intervene early to maximize potential, improve health and wellness to airmen in the flightline areas that might not be able to get the assistance they are seeking due to mission requirements.

Mobilization and Deployment Readiness
The A&FRC is the focal point for personal and family readiness services, as well as serving as a consultant for leadership on family separation concerns. Assistance and support are given to individuals, families, and leadership during mobilization and deployments, evacuations, local/national emergencies, and disaster response. Services and activities help prepare members/families to successfully manage separation and reintegration, increase individual and family morale and unit cohesion, and support operational readiness. 
Personal Work Life
Offers programs/services designed to enhance the individual's knowledge, skills, and abilities to anticipate and meet challenges throughout various stages of the military family life cycle.Services include: one-on-one assessment counseling, crisis intervention, information and referrals, track and trend data, design activities based on identified needs/strengths of the community, Air Force 101/Heart Link for spouses new to the military and Key spouse Program.

Relocation Assistance
The A&FRC offers programs and services to help mitigate stress and challenges of moving to a new area. Up-to-date information on inbound/outbound locations to include schools and higher institutions education/technical training, housing, labor market, health care choices, recreation, and other pertinent topics. We provide training for new sponsors and collaborate with other base agencies to ensure families feel welcomed into their new community.

Air Force Spouses are welcomed by the unit Key Spouse volunteers. Youth and teens receive a welcome package. Contacting the A&FRC is an excellent first step in exploring the right options for you and your family.

Mr. Money teaches a finance class.

Personal Financial Management Services
When families have personal financial difficulties or wish to be proactive and develop a family financial plan, the A&FRC is the place to go. Offers information, education, and personal counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness/stability and achieve their financial goals. When leaders discover that members are having financial problems, the A&FRC should be their first resource. 

Transition Assistance

The A&FRC is the focal point for transition assistance activities at the base level, providing retiring, separating, and demobilizing members/families information, skills, and knowledge needed for a successful transition to the civilian community. By Executive Order and Air Force policy, transition assistance is also provided to Department of Defense civilian employees and family members impacted by restructuring and reductions. Read our Transition Assistance Program Brochure for more info.

Transition Assistance Program Brochure

Exceptional Family Member Program
The Exceptional Family Member Program-Family Support (EFMP-FS) is designed to provide support to military family members through a variety of personal, medical, and family support functions. The EFMP program is mandatory for all Department of Defense active-duty service members. It is designed to identify family members with special medical and/or education needs. Check out our brochure for more information on EFMP.

Leadership Consultation
The A&FRC is the commander's consultant on family issues. Consultants are always available to commanders when they are developing family policies or dealing with a difficult family concern.

Employment/Career Support
Employment Assistance supports customers in achieving short-term and long-term employment, education/training, and career goals. The A&FRC is the place to go for spouses who are reentering the work force or seeking paid employment.

Career Focus Brochure

Helping Agency

"Building ROCK-Solid Lives"

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A&FRC Contacts

Walters Community Support Center
Bldg. 940 Arnold Drive
Phone: (501) 987-2667
Fax: (501) 987-3764

Unit Embedded A&FRCs
19 AMXS   B272     (501) 987-1234
19 MXS      B255     (501) 987-2654
19 LRS       B450     (501) 987-4535
19 OSS       B216     (501) 987-2612

Military & Family Life Counselor
(501) 941-6686

Hours of Operations

Open Monday-Friday from
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,
Tuesday 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Unique Services

Disaster ResponseIn the event of an evacuation, natural disaster, or any unexpected contingency, the Installation Commander may direct activation of an Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC) to serve as the focal point for victim and family assistance services. The EFAC serves as a staging area where families can obtain disaster relief, contingency information and services. The center's primary mission is to integrate services that will address the practical and emotional needs of individuals and Department of Defense personnel affect by a disaster.

Air Force Aid Society
Your A&FRC is the home of the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS), a non-profit organization established to resolve short-term financial difficulties and emergency situations, and the official charity of the Air Force. This airman-helping-airman program provides a safety net when families face financial emergencies. For the AFAS services we provide, give us a call.

Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2)
The Air Force is committed to providing the highest level of support to our combat-related wounded, ill and injured Airmen and their families. To fulfill this commitment, the AFW2 Program and the A&FRC work together to ensure professional, personalized care and assistance are provided in a timely and effective manner.


The A&FRC is the central point in your community for volunteer issues. The A&FRC coordinates installation volunteer recruitment, training and recognition in collaboration with other base agencies.

Recognition opportunities include: Volunteer of the Quarter, Key Spouse of the Quarter, Volunteer of the Year, Key Spouse of the Year, Volunteer Recognition Week (April), and Volunteer Excellence Award (VEA). To become a volunteer; spouses would complete the Volunteer Interest Form and fax or e-mail it to the A&FRC (details are on the form).