Women’s history is our history

LITTLE ROCK AFB, Ark. -- As we recognize Women's History Month throughout March, it's important to celebrate the unique contributions women have and continue to make in our nation and world.

I am glad we have observances where we acknowledge the sum parts that make us a collection of diverse Americans. For many years we didn't truly reflect on the contribution of women.

They have been our nurturers, in-home physicians, guidance counselors and community leaders. Yet, as a nation, women weren't allowed to vote in elections until 1920. One thing that I admire about our country is our ability to look at ourselves and make adjustments.

Some of my greatest life lessons have come from gaining the perspective of a woman. I believe we do ourselves a disservice when we don't open ourselves up to diverse points of view. Whether you believe men are from Mars and women are from Venus isn't the issue; the main thing is we appreciate the point of view someone who is different from us has. Just look at how our country has grown because we have included women and other groups in our grand dialogue.

Women have gone from not being able to vote, to being viewed as viable candidates for the most challenging positions our country has to offer. This time of reflection is beyond Women's History Month, I submit it's about challenging yourself to get to know and better understand someone who is not like you.

The first simple fact is that without women, none of us would be here. I think that's enough to be grateful for. Our strength is our diversity. You can see it all over the world how countries that exclude parts of their population struggle internally and externally. So never forget that we are a better nation because we truly understand women's history is our history.

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