Tenant Units

29th Weapons Squadron
The 29th WPS is a geographically separated unit under the 29th Weapons Squadron USAF Weapons School, Nellis AFB, Nevada. The squadron provides graduate-level instruction for C-130J pilots running 2 courses per year.

373rd Training Squadron (TRS) Detachment 4
The 373 Training Squadron Detachment 4 is a tenant unit on Little Rock AFB. The 373rd TRS has a dual role training both MRA, (Mission Ready Airmen), new pipeline students straight from initial technical school at Sheppard AFB and FTD courses, advanced journeyman and craftsman-level training such as new C-130J transition courses that teach basic nomenclature and theory of operations of systems and subsystems.

All new active duty, guard and reserve C-130 Crew Chiefs come through the schoolhouse for a 17 academic day course in which Airmen are awarded the 3-skill level aircraft maintenance badge upon graduation.

Detachment 4 supports over 80 Active, Guard, and Reserve C-130 units worldwide. They also train maintainers from over 15 allied nations. All totaled the 373 TRS Det. 4 trains approximately 1600 maintainers a year in all C-130 maintenance career fields here at Little Rock Air Force Base.

Organizationally, Det. 4 is a geographically separated unit of the 373d Training Squadron, 982 Training Group, 82 Training Wing, Sheppard AFB, Texas. The FTD mission of Detachment 4 is funded through the 19th Airlift Wing Maintenance Group and work almost daily with the 19th Airlift Wing Maintenance Group Commander since this group is Detachment 4's primary customer.

373rd TRS mission
To provide state-of-the-art, high fidelity aerospace maintenance training in direct operational support to the 19th AW, 314 AW, 189 AW, AEF, DoD components, and allies-anytime, anyplace!

Become the World Leader in providing state-of-the-art High Fidelity Aerospace Maintenance Training Anywhere, Anytime, On Time!

Units at Little Rock Air Force Base


19th Airlift Wing

19th AW Seal
19th Airlift Wing
The 19th Airlift Wing (Air Mobility Command) is the host wing and provides the Department of Defense mission ready Airmen and supports the largest C-130 fleet in the world. As part of AMC's Global Reach capability, the wing's responsibilities range from supplying humanitarian airlift relief to victims of disasters, to airdropping supplies and troops into the heart of contingency operations in hostile areas as well as supporting base partners as the host unit.

19th AW Fact Sheet

- 19th Operations Group - The 19th Operations Group plans, trains, and executes air and space power for operational levels of war.

- 19th Maintenance Group - 19th Maintenance Group performs all maintenance on assigned C-130 aircraft.

- 19th Mission Support Group - The 19th Mission Support Group support and logistics functions, which include contracting, civil engineer, communications, security forces, force support and logistic readiness squadrons.

- 19th Medical Group - The 19th Medical Group provides responsive care and services to the base population and ensures a fit and medically ready active duty force.

19th Staff Agencies - The 19th Airlift Wing staff includes a variety of agencies that directly support the wing commander and the base population.
    - Public Affairs Office

Partner Units

314th Airlift Wing - The 314th Airlift Wing (Air Education and Training Command) is the nations tactical airlift "Center of Excellence" and trains 314th Airlift Wing C-130J aircrew members from the DoD, U.S. Coast Guard, and 47 allied nations. The wing trains more than 1,800 students, the DoD's largest international flight training program.

189th Airlift Wing - The 189th Airlift Wing (Air National Guard) works in conjunction with the 314th Airlift Wing to provide C-130H flightline initial 189th Airlift Wingqualification training and upgrade training for pilots, navigators, flight engineers and loadmasters. If an emergency occurs, the wing performs the state mission as directed by the Governor of Arkansas

913th Airlift Group - The 913th Airlift Group (Air Force Reserve Command) began as a Reserve detachment in 2010 then stood up the airlift group in July 2014. As a result of the Air Force's Total Force Integration initiative, the 50th Airlift Squadron under the 19th Airlift Wing is an913th Airlift Group associate unit of the group's 327th Airlift Squadron. The 913th will continue its transition to become a fully operational, combat-ready unit to support global operations.