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As Team LittleRock (TLR) welcomes 2018 with ambition, open arms and a fair amount ofuncertainty, it is incumbent upon Commanders to stress the importance ofputting “first things first” and effectively communicating our priorities as webrace for what 2018 has to offer. In the spirit of empowerment andtransparency, as well as in an effort to
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Single engine white Cessna aircraft in the middle of a field as taken from 1500 feet above it. C-130 aircrews: no strangers to providing assistance on ground
C-130 aircrews are no strangers to providing assistanceto those on the ground.  Normally thattakes the form of delivering critical supplies to a remote outpost or puttingcombat-rigged airborne troops safely on a drop zone.  However, on a recent 62d Airlift Squadronstudent training mission our formation was able to unexpectedly lend a hand tolocal
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