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1. I work in X flight/unit? Am I mission essential?

Please contact your supervisor/chain of command to determine your mission/non-mission status.

2. I had a WAPS test? Is my test cancelled?

Mission essential only reporting:Yes, the Education Center will not open today. Please call (501) 987-3417 to reschedule your test date.

Delayed reporting:The Education Center will open at the delayed reporting time. WAPS testing starts 15 minutes after the delayed reporting time. All other testing (CDC, PME, FAA, DLAB, etc.) will be rescheduled. Please call (501) 987-3417 to reschedule their test date.

3. I had a PT test tomorrow at 8 a.m. Is it cancelled?

Mission essential only reporting:Yes, your PT test will be cancelled. The fitness center will be open for those registered for 24/7 access. Please contact your UFPM/PTL to reschedule your test.

Delayed reporting:If there is a delayed reporting until 9 a.m., all testing before 9 a.m. (or whatever the determined delayed time is) will be cancelled. Then normal testing will resume (e.g., a test at 10 a.m. would still happen). The member should get with their UFPM/PTL to reschedule their test.

4. I had a medical appointment scheduled and needed to pick up prescriptions? Is the medical clinic closed?

Mission essential only reporting:Yes, your appointment will be cancelled and the pharmacy will not be open. The clinic will contact you and attempt to reschedule your appointment at the earliest time available. If you have a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Delayed reporting:If there is a delayed reporting until 9 a.m., any appointment scheduled prior to the report time will be cancelled. The clinic will attempt to contact all patients and reschedule their appointments as soon as possible. You can always contact the nurse advice line at (501) 987-8891 or registered users can contact his/her primary care manager online via MiCare. If you have a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.

5. I'm mission essential and have to report. What about the CDC? Can I drop off my kid?

Mission essential only reporting: The CDC for mission essential personnel will operate under regular hours at building 1257. However, individuals must have a designation letter on file to denote mission essential status. Please contact your supervision/chain of command to accomplish this letter.

Delayed reporting/Early release: For delayed reporting, the CDC will open the same time for delayed reporting of non-mission essential personnel. During early release, parents/guardians must pick up children at start of early release.

Inclement Weather

 For Current Inclement Weather
Reporting Procedures Call:

(501) 987-HERK (4375)
501) 987-HERC (4372)

Know the Procedures.
Have a plan
be ready.

Types of Reporting

The installation commander is the approval authority for base operating procedures in the event of inclement weather.

During inclement weather, to ensure the safety of personnel and set guidelines for mission continuity, report/release procedures will be followed.  Depending on the circumstances of the winter weather activity, the installation commander may authorize the following: early release, delayed reporting or mission-essential reporting only.

a. EARLY  RELEASE:  Unit commanders and  supervisors will release non-mission essential  personnel (determined by the un it commander) according to the early release guidelines (para. 4).   All  non-essential personnel will  immediately pick  up their children  in the Child  Development  Center (CDC)Youth  Center.

b. DELAYED REPORTING:  Delayed reporting applies to military and civilian personnel; leave will not be charged.  Members are expected to be at work no later than the delayed reporting time. This is to allow base personnel additional time for safe travel to their office. All members should report for duty while exercising caution and arriving as soon as conditions permit. Expected reporting time will be specified by your chain of command. Use your best judgment regarding road conditions and let your supervisors know if you cannot report at the expected time.

c. MISSION-ESSENTIAL REPORTING:  Personnel identified by their commanders as mission essential are to report for duty. Units will designate mission-essential personnel in advance.  Service members not required to report will be on telephone standby until notified.  Civilian personnel not required to report will  be placed on administrative leave as granted by the installation commander.  Only those children of mission essential personnel are allowed to be dropped off at the CDC and Youth Center (mission essential personnel must submit a signed designation letter in advance to the CDC or Youth Center).

School Reporting

Arnold Drive Elementary and the Lighthouse Academy are in the Pulaski County Special School District. If Pulaski County schools are closed, Arnold Drive Elementary and Lighthouse Academy will also be closed, even if the base is open. If the base is closed, but Pulaski County schools are open, both on-base schools will follow the base and be closed.

FSS Facilities

Info for Procedures

Information about base reporting postures will be available from any or all of the following sources:
a. During duty hours:  Base-wide email or Commander's call
b. Notification from supervisors
c. Official Social media and web:
d. On-base alerts:  Marquee and Giant Voice
e. HERKLINE (501) 987-4372 or (501) 987-4375
f. AtHoc Installation Warning System Alerts
g. Local Media: Channel 4,; Channel 7,; Channel 11,; Channel 16,
h. For contingency use: Recall rosters (by phone or if necessary, in person) and Radios/LMRs.

Early Release Map

To reduce traffic and permit additional travel time for members with long commutes, supervisors will release non-mission critical members IAW the following (see Figure l, Base Departure Plan):
    a. Personnel living outside of the blue outer ring - released immediately after early release order is issued.
    b. Personnel living outside of the green inner ring - released 30 minutes after the order is issued.     
    c. Personnel living inside the green ring - released one hour after the order is issued.

Safety Tips and Info

Driving in extreme weather conditions can be very hazardous and caution must be taken. Maintain a safe speed, have 2-3 car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you, and think ahead to avoid putting yourself into unnecessarily risky conditions. In the fall/winter months, ice storms can occur with little notice. Bridges and overpasses often ice over even when roads are not slick and black ice can be invisible to drivers. When poor driving conditions are suspected, check the Arkansas Road Condition Hotline (501-569-2374/1-800-245-1672) or online (http :// to receive updates on area road conditions. Snow chains are a useful tool but are not allowed on base roads.

When off-base, report all emergencies via 911 , including all vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and off-road entrapments. For on-base reporting, call the following for: fire and medical emergencies 911 ; power outages 987-6553; vehicle accidents 987-3221 ; building damage 987-6554. Facility Managers and supervisors should consult LRAFB Plan 032-12, Snow and Ice Control Plan, prior to and during severe winter weather. Routine service calls should not be made until daily operations are resumed.