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Aerial Events

All Air Force aerial participation in any event requires higher, multiple level approvals to determine the appropriateness of an event for Air Force involvement, while operational approval covers mission-related issues.

(The following document, Air Force Flyover Request Process, has comprehensive instructions about the process and on filling out the DD Form 2535, Request for Military Aerial Support. Please download it if you have any questions about working your request.)

To request event approval, visit to complete the DD Form 2535, Request for Military Aerial Support, with as much lead time as possible (usually a minimum of 45 days), before any Air Force asset can participate in your events.

The approval authority will evaluate the information provided in the DD Form 2535 to determine the eligibility of the event.

If you are a civilian sponsor seeking aviation support such as flyovers or other demonstrations for public events that directly support commemorations of patriotic holidays, you are still required to submit a DD Form 2535.

Forms received within 14 days of an event are generally not considered for support.

DD Form 2535 - Aviation Support

DD Form 2536 - Non-Aviation Support

This form is used to request all Armed Forces musical unit, troop, Color/Honor Guard, and/or exhibit/equipment participation in public events.

Volunteer Requests

Need or want to be a volunteer?

Little Rock AFB has a long history of helping out the local communities. Whether it's volunteering to build a house or working at a fundraiser, the men and women of LRAFB have been there. For those who have an event they need help with, there is a base volunteer coordinator located at the Airmen & Family Readiness Center.

See the A&FRC page for more on volunteering, or you can contact the A&FRC at (501) 987-2667 for more information.  To see if your event meets the "approved" volunteer criteria, check out the Air Force Instruction 35-105, Community Relations.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement


Public Affairs Community Engagement works on behalf of the Little Rock Air Force Base commander to maintain a reputation as a good neighbor as well as a respected, professional organization charged with its part in national security.

The team does this through various programs made available to those outside the gates of the base. These programs enable LRAFB commanders to enhance morale, build community trust and support, and demonstrate that the Air Force is a beneficial community partner and a responsible steward of national resources.

Community Engagement FAQs

For general questions or concerns regarding Community Engagement requests, please contact the 19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office, and we'd be happy to answer your question:

Little Rock Community
Engagement Division
1255 Vandenburg Blvd.
Little Rock AFB AR 72099

Phone: (501) 987-2521/6744

Honor Guard Requests

The Little Rock Honor Guard's main mission is to provide military funeral honors for deserving veterans, retirees, active duty and Guard and Reserve members on base, in Arkansas and the surrounding area on behalf of the president of the United States, the department of the Air Force and a grateful nation.

The honor guard performs more than 55 funeral honors on average per month, so please consider that when requesting them for other missions such as color guard at events or ceremonies. To request the Honor Guard contact them at (501) 987-6317 or at their cell (501) 454-8141. Please leave a message if no one is available, and they will return your call as soon as possible.

Support Our Airmen

· Eagle's Watch Foundation
· Gifts for Families
· Fisher House
· Air Force Aid Society
· Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

Even though we truly appreciate the kind offers, and we know our aircraft are going to deployed locations, Little Rock AFB cannot use C-130s to transport private cargo/care packages. This is a Department of Defense policy. We receive countless requests to accept, transport, and distribute donated items from a very generous and thoughtful public, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to receive, screen, and accept these offers. Ultimately, although always well-intended, for the safety of our troops and compliance with DOD policy, gifts cannot be accepted or moved on DOD organic or commercially contracted aircraft.

One option you can look into is the Department of Defense website at which includes a listing of home front groups that provide a variety of support for military members and their families. Internet searches for "care packages for military" can provide other options, agencies and non-profit organizations willing to transport or receive donations. Please check the organization to ensure their mission to support our troops is legitimate before sending money or items.

Event Support/Base Tours

Although LRAFB personnel would like to participate in every opportunity, please remember we must remain mission focused, so we are unable to support every request received.
May 2016 TC_TAA Community Engagement Tour
Local community members can request:
· Base tours
· Event Participation (volunteers)
· Air Force speakers
· Military participation in public events
· Flyovers (visit
· Other special programs

Event Support/BaseTours/Speakers
The 19th Airlift Wing PA office is no longer able to provide Junior ROTC detachments individual tours because of current mission requirements and force restructuring plans. However, all JROTC detachments are invited to participate in our annual JROTC Expo; tentatively scheduled for the last Thursday of April.

Base tours are limited to groups of 15 to 50 guests, and only provided on one Thursday a month. Children younger than 12 years old are not allowed on the flight line. All guests 18 years and older must submit their drivers' license information for a background check at least five work days prior to the tour date.

Guest speakers can be requested for events and ceremonies. Speakers cannot solicit or appear to endorse a fundraising event. Views expressed will be nonpartisan and consistent with Air Force policy on political activities. Remarks will be confined to discussion of subjects within the Air Force and the speaker's purview, and does not imply Air Force sponsorship.

To ask for a guest speaker or a base tour, fill out the form provided at the link below,or email to request an event worksheet to fill out. Please submit the completed worksheet at least 45 days prior to the event for coordination. The requests are approved on a first come, first served basis.

Event Support Request

Guest Speaker Request

Cornerstone Award

Base honors civic leaders with 2016 Cornerstone Award

Colonel Charles Brown Jr., 19th Airlift Wing commander, presented the 2016 Team Little Rock Cornerstone Award to Oliver and Billie Ann Myers Jan. 31, 2017, during an annual Community Council Meeting.

The Team Little Rock Cornerstone Award was created to honor a prominent civic leader who exemplifies outstanding service and commitment to the men and women of Little Rock Air Force Base and continues to strengthen the foundation set by the Founding Fathers of Little Rock Air Force Base. The Myers achieved this through their life-long commitment to supporting the military. As Col. Brown made the announcement, he said they embodied the true representation of what it means to be not only leaders in the local community but steadfast supporters of the base and its Airmen.

“There’s a special bond that develops when we see those that continue to serve even after they have left the military service for civil service,” Brown said. “They as leaders see the value in what we, (Team Little Rock), do so they gather together with the local community and provide services by looking out for each other, taking care of families who’s loved ones are deployed and continuing to serve selflessly.”

Visit here for the rest of the story.